Where's Terry?

Where's Terry?
Where's Terry? Portland, OR to Fort St John BC and Grand Prairie ALB Canada

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Camping trip

A couple of weekends ago, Terry was home for 5 days and I took a couple days off work and we went camping / deer hunting.  We camped in the Crane Prairie Campground in the Deschutes National Forest. Terry's hunting buddies were camped about 10 miles away down a very tiny road that our motor home could not go down.  My mornings were spent being very lazy, reading, sleeping late, taking walks along the lake shore, letting our dog Birdie sniff for chipmunks and squirrels. Terry's mornings were spent deer hunting.  I went along on a couple of afternoon hunts.  We saw the backs of 4 elk and Terry saw glimpses of a couple of deer but no one in the party 'got' one.  The manzanita bushes were as high as my shoulders and very thick.  The bitterbrush was up to my waist. It was very hard to walk through because it would tangle up your feet and sometimes there was no nice path around the bushes.  You just had to dive in a go through them.  I fell twice.   Once Terry had to help me up because I fell in such an awkward position.  We took a wrong turn on one of the hikes and ended up walking 6.5 miles total for the day.  I did not panic because thanks to GPS we could see which roads to take to get back to deer camp and after a while our walkie talkies got in range of our hunting buddies and we were able to tell them where we were.  They were able to pick us up before dark.  It was a nice change of pace from working.
Crane Prairie Reservoir - Deschutes NF

a mountain in the Cascade Range - not sure which one

Crane Prairie Reservoir ' beach'

Ducks on Crane Prairie Reservoir


We left a bag of peanuts out and the chipmunks found it.

Another chipmunk we saw while on a walk

Some neat lava rock we saw on a walk

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